The world has changed and there is no going back. Now the only question remains, will you take the role of a bystander or will you take the lead and help shape the future of modern organizations and business?

I see my own role in this transformation on the front-line, leading change and supporting, coaching and challenging executives to take their organizations to the next level. 

I thrive on identifying and solving complex business problems and designing innovation and growth strategies for my customers. I spend a large share of my day working with top management of our clients, helping them realize potential for new business, digital transformation and emerging business models. 

I have not only a solid understanding of the market space and what possibilities and technologies our customers should grasp next but I make it my priority to help our customers always stay one step ahead of the game. This means for me taking a position right next to them as their trusted advisor. 


As part of my value promise to my clients and network, I regularly share stories from the transformation front-line for today's crazy-busy business leaders.


My articles and newsletters combine business design with customer experience, driving for growth and shaping future-proof organizations for the next generation.